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Microsoft's New AI Orca-2 Just Changed EVERYTHING! (Synthetic Data Breakthrough) credit:TheAIGRID


In this video the speaker discusses Microsoft's recently released research paper on Orca-2, a large language model that surpasses previous models in reasoning capabilities. Orca-2, based on the Llama 2 model family, achieved this through the use of synthetic data sets in training. The video highlights how synthetic data sets are essential in the development of AI and that the success achieved by the AI system AlphaGo in surpassing the abilities of alignment Go showcases the potential of artificial intelligence in playing complex games without human intervention.

Large language models can also use synthetic data to improve their performance, as with unsupervised learning, they can learn from their environment and adapt to different scenarios. The potential to revolutionize fields like AGI, where models need to be prepared for a wide range of scenarios, is significant. Finally, the video discusses how synthetic data can be used to safely explore edge cases or sensitive scenarios where real-world data collection would be impractical or unethical.

This technology has significant implications for fields like cybersecurity and other industries where models need to be able to handle complex and challenging scenarios. In conclusion, the use of synthetic data is poised to revolutionize the field of artificial intelligence and could lead to the next evolution in AI technology. The speaker suggests that people who create large language models may start focusing more on synthetic data as it appears to be the future of AI development.

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