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Collaborate on the Post Labor Economics Book with Professor David Shapiro

David Shapiro stands at the confluence of technology and humanity, casting a thoughtful gaze upon the horizon of the future of work.

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to redefine the boundaries of what machines can do, Mr. Shapiro delves deep into the ramifications of AI-driven layoffs and the emerging discourse on post-labor economics. Through his personal journey, sparked by his own encounter with job displacement by AI, he embarks on a quest to dissect and share the pivotal themes defining this societal shift.

The Genesis of a Groundbreaking Book

David's endeavor to author a book on this subject is not merely an academic exercise but a passionate contribution to the ongoing conversation on post-labor economics. His project aims to weave a coherent narrative that navigates through the complexities of economic transformation, with an inclusive approach to knowledge creation. The methodology he adopts is rooted in open-source collaboration, inviting a diverse community to partake in shaping the discourse under a Creative Commons Zero license. This initiative underscores his belief in the democratization of knowledge and the collective ability to forge insights that could redefine our understanding of economic futures in an age dominated by automation.

Shapiro's New Social Contract

The thematic core of David's book focuses on the anticipation of a shift towards a predominantly automated workforce.

He envisions a future where machines surpass human capabilities across numerous domains, necessitating a reevaluation of the role of human labor. David identifies specific categories of labor—such as those imbued with meaning, experience, sentiment, and care—that may remain uniquely human. This nuanced perspective offers a glimpse into the potential interplay between technology and employment, suggesting a path forward that embraces the uniqueness of human contribution in an automated world.

JOIN! An Open Invitation to Collaborate

Mr. Shapiro's call for contributions extends to experts and enthusiasts across various fields, including economics, public policy, political theory, and more. By leveraging a wide range of skills from research to graphic design, the project aims to ensure a rich and multifaceted exploration of the subject matter. Hosted on a GitHub repository, the initiative is meticulously organized to facilitate contributions, emphasizing the importance of acknowledging every participant's input in the final manuscript.

Join the discussion!

David Shapiro speaking at the Podium and giving a lecture
David Shapiro at the Podium Speaking

Navigating the Complexities of AI and Automation

David's update serves as a compelling invitation to collectively explore the complexities and opportunities presented by AI and automation. His initiative is a practical step towards engaging a broad spectrum of voices in a critical dialogue about the evolution of work, the economy, and the role of human agency in an increasingly automated world.

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